Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 3

Good morning everyone!!

well the weather outside is really crappy today, makes it really hard to get motivated to go work out. i choose not to work out this morning but instead to work out this afternoon after my chem class.

today's work out shouldn't be to bad a hour of weight training then to get my adjusted by Josh.

Dr Hayes has a new idea for me to help out with my training!! he wants me to start using Juice Plus pills. which suppose to give you your daily dose of veggies and fruits, this sounded like a good idea to me because i have a really hard time staying on track with eating right ( i am shamed to say that)  hopefully this will be a good thing for me and i will report to you all about how they are working.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 2

Day 2

Good  morning everyone! sorry it has been awhile sense i have posted another post, i have been really busy these past few days and a little lazy :( sadly, but every thing is back to normal now.

Today i got up at 530am to go and workout at F.A.S.T ohio my trainers there have to be some of the best there are!! the work outs they have me doing are crazy!!! my body is killing me right now but in a good way. i try to think that with every crazy work out i do i get one day closer to RAAM and the races this year!

speaking of the races for this year, i have officially decided to do the Race Across Oregon in July!! only 6 months away!!! and the count down begins, the other races i plan on doing this year is the RAAM series race in Columbus, Oh and the RAAM series in Daytona, Fl (maybe still debating)  hopefully these races will go well and i can start making a name for myself and spearding the word about Team Hope

Some more updates

I have made a brochure for my part of Team Hope if anyone would like a copy i am glady willing to send you a copy. Also Feb 11th and the 12th i will have a both at the Women's Health Expo at the Lima Mall with Josh Hayes, hopefully ill have a lot of nice stuff to pass out!
I have also made crew application for anyone interested in applying! applications will be due Feb 20th i would ask anyone who wants a application to email me at and to email me back your filled out application as well.

I hope everyone has a great day! Ill be talking to you tomorrow

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Road to Annapolis: Day 1

Hey all,

this is a new series i will be doing until we arrive in Annapolis, MD at the end of RAAM! these posts will include how things are going with the team and how the training and racing is going so far so i hope you all enjoy!

Day 1 
Today started at 530am with a nice 3 mile run, i have to admit that it was not something i really enjoyed i hate running lol. which is kinda surprising sense i love ultra endurance cycling you'd think running wouldn't be to bad either, but nope i hate it but its something that needs to be done so i suck it up and run. so the run went well it was rather cold this morning but that is normal sense is January.
Today is the start of a big week for my Team below is a run through of whats happening with the team this week.

Monday: i will be mailing out my share of sponsor packets!!(8)
Tuesday: picture day with me and Josh Hayes for the facebook page
Wed: Josh is mailing out his share of sponsor packets (10)
Thurs: workout
Friday: workout
Saturday: workout

as you can see this week is gonna be a good one and im rather excited.  as many of you are wondering who is all my team let me introduce you to the team so far.

Josh Hayes: unofficially Crew-chief
Matt Straugler: crew member
Mike Bodey: potential crew member

this is all we have so far but i have to say its a great start and for anyone reading this if you are interested in crewing for me shoot me a email or set up a appointment with me --->

Overall today's training went pretty well and today itself seems like its going to be a good day. so we'll talk to you tomorrow have a good one everyone